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CrossFit Silver Program Starting Now.


CrossFit Silver Program Starting Now.

OHS 3X10 on 3 minutes rest
7×3 power cleans at 60% on 60 seconds rest

CrossFit Seniors - so you can keep climbing peaks on 16-mile day hikes well into your 70s!

CrossFit Silver: What is Health?


Health is being able to support daily activity without asking for assistance, relying on oneself to till the land and the knowledge to cook healthy meals, being able lift your grandchildren to kiss their cheeks, support and maintain the shelter in which you live, and not having to rely on loved ones to help you when it’s potty time!

—That’s all I want, Zac

Life is what you do with it. We all have aches and pains, but that should never stop us from moving. What we are used to in our daily lives defines our health and fitness. Being able to maintain our work capacity as we age gives us the opportunity to support our life.

Beginning in March, we introduce the CrossFit Silver program.   The purpose of this program is to get everyone to move in a range of motion that supports life!

– All we have to do is become accustomed to doing the common uncommonly well (Glassman).

– Movement mechanics must be sound and consistent before adding any volume or load

– Create a strong structure from the bones out to support daily activity. LETS KEEP THOSE BONES HEALTHY!

– Have fun and live a better quality of life.

We will start with the basics of functional movement for longevity. In life we need to pick-up objects, get-up off the ground, rise from a seated position, and be able to lift things over our head.

All of these elements will be the foundation of our program to help maintain and increase your work capacity.

Strength in a full range of motion is why most people lose the ability to live independently. We will improve your ability to move your own body as well as objects that you have to overcome.

Metabolic Conditioning is a necessity for life. We never know what life will hand us, but through the program we will gain the capacity to work hard whether the duration is long or short.

Nutrition is one of the best ways to supply the body with a healthy environment.   Everything in moderation, but if there weren’t so many influences out there then eating healthy would be easy. Eating to make our bodies function better as we age will help everyone.

CrossFit Silver will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm for the next 3 months. All comments and questions can be sent to Zachary Pine at [email protected] or 831-454-6940. Get ready to have fun and stay healthy!

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  1. Chris Dizon

    If there is anyone registered for the OPEN and did NOT do WOD 12.1 last night,  I will leave my FlipVideo camera at the gym during the Sunday open gym session.   I will be there as well to help film you if needed.


  2. Anonymous

    A day late for the throwdown but KStar put up a MobilityWOD for getting ready for WOD1.