Run 10 km
We’ll have printed directions to take on your run but here’s the route if you want to view in advance. It’s a 5k route that will be run twice, or scaled. 

One of Dave's

One of Dave and his team’s objectives is to climb Cassin Ridge on Mt. McKinley.

Dave’s Trip to Alaska!

Our very own coach Dave Lee will spend the next six weeks in Alaska on an expedition sure to put his CrossFit to good use. Dave will be back and on the schedule beginning June 20th.
Check out what’s on the docket for him and his team the next month and a half:
Here’s a quick run down of what I’m doing in Alaska!  My team (Kurt Ross, Colin Simon, Keenan Waeschle) and I will be based on the Kahiltna Glacier with a couple objectives. First is the Moonflower Buttress to the summit of Mt. Hunter. It’s a 3 day climb and passes through steep ice and rock that lead to long snow slopes to reach the summit.
The second big objective of ours is the Cassin Ridge of Denali (Mt. McKinley), a huge ridge that starts just above 10,000ft and connects almost directly to the summit at 20,300ft. From our base camp on the Kahiltna glacier at 6,000ft, we will pack our gear and load up our sleds to move our camp to 14,000 ft on Denali.  It is a 4 to 5 day process of dragging a sled (…glad I do this CrossFit thing) to reach 14,000 ft camp.
From here, pending good conditions, we will acclimatize by climbing the standard route on Denali, the West Buttress.  Finally, we will turn our attention to the bigger, more technical route.  If we go for it, we’ll descend to the base and begin climbing what will be the biggest climb any of us have done!  We have other options and back up routes in mind, but these two are our main focuses.