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Details on the WTF Challenge – READ TODAY’S POST


Details on the WTF Challenge – READ TODAY’S POST

Complete five rounds of:
Deadlift, 3 reps
Max rep Handstand push-ups

Great turnout at the first of two opportunities to come to a WTF Challenge info session. The WTF Challenge is the name of the fall food challenge. Second session is this Wednesday at 7pm. Be there!

The Fall Food Challenge – The WTF Challenge

Below are ALL of the details you need to be in the know about this fall’s challenge.  Read every word. If after reading every word you have a question, post to comments.

1. Attend a WTF Challenge info session.  The second (and last) one is Wednesday at 7pm.
2. Sign-up for the challenge by listing your name on the Google WTF CHALLENGE SIGN-UP SHEET document here
3. Look to receive the WTF Challenge packet via email on Thursday, October 14th
4. After reading the packet, re-visit the Google WTF CHALLENGE SIGN-UP SHEET and list your Buy-in level by SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17TH
5. Pay your buy-in of $20 to a coach at the shop on or before Saturday, October 16th.  Exact amounts only, no checks.  If you do not submit your buy-in by this time, you will automatically be removed from the challenge.  No exceptions.

The packet will include everything you need to know.  It covers the challenge structure, rules, foods that are allowed and not allowed, resources, recipes, important dates, and, of course, the buy-in chart.

(some of these questions will make more sense if you have attended the info session)

1. I can not attend an info session, can I still participate?
Yes, follow instructions 2-5.  You will receive your info packet and it will be your responsibility to read through it and understand the challenge on your own time.

2. I saw the list but I have a big event coming up.  Can I do a few of the list out of order to fit my needs?
No.  You have to commit to a certain level and all things below that level.  You will have to make a personal decision to commit to a higher number on the challenge or a lower number to accomodate your event.

3. I really want to do the highest number but I’m just not sure I can.  
Then don’t.  There seems to be a lot of pressure to pick the highest number when for many, the 5-7 range is already very challenging.  This is not about having to pick the highest number. It’s about picking a number that is challenging to you and going for it.

3 Responses

  1. Chris Hansen

    Quick question:

    If you chose a level that excluded sugar and dairy (for example) – and you splurged on some ice cream, do you take points off both for the sugar AND for the dairy? (so… what was it… -10 for the sugar and -4 for the dairy)?

  2. Chris – Great question. You would loose points for the highest fowl. For example, if you ate chocolate cake (sugar and grains) you would loose points for sugar (10). Make sense?

  3. Cara

    A few WTF questions — sorry if these are stupid questions, but I DID read the packet and I just want to be clear…

    1. Are these foods OK?
    – coconut water/milk/creamer
    – flaxseed
    – olives
    – almond butter (like Justins)
    – hearts of palm (I know one of the posts said no artichoke hearts because there are hidden grains in the water or something — is it similar for hearts of palm?)

    2. I know it is 5 weeks away, but do you know when the follow up blood testing will be scheduled?