Each year we are reminded during The Open that we are part of something much bigger than a workout. We are part of a community that thrives on a shared commitment to athletics and health.
In a lot of ways, we thrive on giving 110 percent, both outside and inside the gym.
For the fourth year in a row, we are proud to partner with the one and only Suffer Better for the CrossFit Roots 2019 CrossFit Open t-shirt. CrossFit Roots will donate $10 for every t-shirt sold to our 2019 cause – Team Eva T. 

Eva T

CrossFit’s Eva T. was in a plane crash last Saturday. One of the original “Nasty Girls” and the namesake of the benchmark workout “Eva”, she remains in the ICU and faces a long road to recovery. For many in the CrossFit world, the name Eva Twardokens conjures up memories of Santa Cruz, OG CrossFitters, and the old school videos that inspired us when CrossFit was in its infancy.
Learn more about her GoFundMe here. 

How Do I Get a Tee?

We did things a tad different this year and did not run a pre-order on the Suffer Better tees. Instead, we will sell them THIS FRIDAY, all day, beginning at 5:30 am. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

What is Suffer Better?

The mission of Suffer Better is to build a global community of athletes who are driven by the mantra Suffer Better. We train and live life to the fullest, avoiding shortcuts and embracing the pain it takes to reach our goals. We Suffer Better and we give back to others. We welcome those who share our path.
The 110: How We Give
Each day we give our all – in training and in life. We don’t give up and we don’t back down. But it isn’t just about us and how hard we work. It is about helping others live their lives to the fullest, too; so we also give back – donating 10 percent of all we make to a variety of impactful causes. We call that The 110 – Giving your all + giving back.
You can learn more about Suffer Better’s founders, including Roots’ own Bob Africa, and their mission here.

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