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Don’t Miss Thursday! and Collect Your Stuff!


Don’t Miss Thursday! and Collect Your Stuff!

For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

Introducing the Rogue Butcher.

Don’t Miss Thursday! and Collect Your Stuff!

The shop will be closed on Thursday as we move to the new space BUT there will still be THREE workouts held outside at North Boulder Park.  We know that some will read this and think, eh, I just won’t go that day but we really want you to reconsider!

Workouts will be held at:

Here are some of the top reasons to come:

– the workout is great
– there is a large amount of FUN when we get ridiculous outside
– the weather isn’t that cold yet (what better time!?).  Molly and Emily once did an overhead lunge workout in ankle deep snow!
– there will probably be some boot campers out there that you can size up or challenge to a duel
– it won’t count toward your weekly class allowance if you’re on a 3 classes/week membership
– you’ll wish you had if you don’t

Also! – if you have any personal items at the current shop – water bottles, left items, Oly shoes, knee sleeves, etc. PLEASE collect them before Thursdays move.  We really appreciate your help with this effort.

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    1. Grandpa Mojo

       Ditto question here. I’m in Chicago all week. If we need to take our personal jump ropes, can someone take mine over? They are the blue-handled ones with white tape all over the handles. – Charlie?