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EARN Your Turkey at MBS


EARN Your Turkey at MBS

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
200 run
21 kettlebell swings
12 pull ups
400 run
75 wallballs
400 run
12 pull ups
21 kettlebell swings
200 run
15 squats
10 push ups
5 pull ups

A day in the life of a WTF Challenge participant. An apple, an avocado, and pulled beef - stellar Level 7 lunch. What does your WTF Challenge day of food look like? Send us your menu for an entire day and a picture to go along with it and we'll use for a post to share ideas! Send to info @

The MBS CrossFit Earn Your Turkey Challenge

Does the whole Turkey Trot thing just seem so pre-CrossFit to you?  Do you miss your friends at MBS (and maybe Verve, too:)?  Well thank Pat and Janelle over at MBS as they have put together a freakin’ awesome event!

Come one come all to the MBS CrossFit Earn Your Turkey Challenge.


Saturday, November 20th 2010.


MBS CrossFit, 10900 W. 120th Ave. Broomfield, CO 80021


Come and challenge your fitness at the 2010 Earn Your Turkey Challenge. The Turkey Challenge is open to anyone willing to put their fitness to the test. Competitor categories include Men’s and Women’s Elite, Open, and Intermediate divisions. We also will have a Master’s Men’s and Women’s division for 40 and older athletes. See below for more info on classes.

Registration – click here

Early-bird registration is $25 from October 16th – October 31st. Late registration is $35 from November 1st – November 13th. Registration includes an event T-shirt and post event food and drinks.


5 K Run, the CrossFit Total, and The Turkey (a short metcon)

The final WOD will be announced following the 5k run. Expect something in the shorter timeframe (under 15 min) that doesn’t include a 5k run or heavy squat, deadlift, or press. This WOD will be scaled for the different classes (Elite, Open, and Intermediate). See classes below for more info. The Men’s and Women’s winners of the Turkey will get a frozen turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner!


Overall Men and Women’s Elite, Open, and Intermediate winners will recieve prize packages TBA. In addition, winners of the Run, Total, and Turkey WOD will recieve individual prize packages TBA.


Men’s/Women’s Elite – can perform all Crossfit-style workouts as prescribed with no substitutions. May include handstand pushups, muscle ups, pistols, and Olympic lifts.

Men’s/Women’s Open – can perform most Crossfit-style workouts as Rx with few modifications. Will not include handstand pushups, muscle ups, pistols.

Men’s/Women’s Intermediate – can perform basic bodyweight, barbell, and Olympic movements with modifications. Scaling will be allowed in Intermediate class.

5 Responses

  1. Olivia

    Not what we need!!! –

    This article is introducing highlights of the new USDA “dietary guidelines”.. as if the food pyramid wasn’t bad enough..
    Note that they are trying to “decrease meat consumption” and “increase low fat dairy”…

    This quote is particularly disturbing:
    “children think whole milk is now disgusting because it is so creamy”
    …umm wtf?

  2. shane

    “We might even decrease our portion sizes when we realize that the 16-ounce steak we were thinking of ordering contains enough protein for our entire family.”

    An entire family?! Really?! I almost feel bad.

  3. Caps

    That link is f’ing depressing. A nonstop increase in cardiovascular issues, and the solution is _more_ grains and low fat dairy? They’re constantly spiking people’s blood sugar, and all of those sugary carbs are making them even more hungry! How can this still be recommended??

    This is pretty much how I felt when I read that: FUUUUU

  4. shane

    Caps, best bet is to contact a local farm and tell them exactly what you’re looking for. If you find something let me know, I’ll gladly split a part of a pig.