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THE CURSE of Challenge Days 13-15


THE CURSE of Challenge Days 13-15

Resting 60 seconds between sets:
Bench press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2
rest exactly 1 minute after your last bench press set, then
100 double unders for time

Team Fraser during the Scavenger Hunt. Challenge question: put 9 members of your team in the SET-UP position of the 9 Foundations movements in CrossFit.

The Curse of the Challenge Day 13-15

First of all, HOLY MOLY!  I just went through the food logs and they are SICK!  SICK as in P-H-A-T, and awesome, and stellar.  I am already so proud of everyone.  The choices, the honesty, the notes, and the freakin’ awesome efforts so far.  Really, best week 1 across the board of any challenge we’ve had.  Keep.  It.  Up.

NOW, on to a VERY SERIOUS NOTE.  I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that day 14 of the challenge falls on Halloween but I need to tell everyone about the Curse of the Challenge Days 13-15.

Many years ago in the windy month of October an athlete set out on a long five week journey.  A dark and unknown path, filled with rules and no squash, the athlete began his quest for gold, health, and improved blood work. Determined and ready, the athlete fought dinner meetings, latte syrup, a fire breathing chocolate cake dragon, and cheese fries for a solid week. Triumphant in his efforts, he relished in his week long survival.  He rested up for a few days, foraged through the markets of the Foods that Were Whole and set out confidently on week two of his journey.  Skipping through the forrest of the Pearl, he glanced through the trees to see a shop of sweets run by gnomes.  He glanced away quickly as a horrific image flashed through his head.  It was a dark image, from his past (a week ago), of candybars and burritos. He ran quickly down the brick path and slept through the night, but the horrific image entered his dreams.  The next day he was again haunted by the image in his head.  He began to run on the path and quickly caught up with a Whole-Gs Monster who offered him colorful Beans of Energy and Grains of Plenty. He reached out to take the offering but thought twice as the image flashed through his head.  Haunted by his dream the athlete stayed up all night.  Tired, worn down, and questioning his journey, he packed his bags on day 15 and continued down his path.  Fighting intense cravings and feeling depressed and sorry for himself he noticed a beam of light in the distance. He was memorized.  He jogged, then ran, then sprinted to the establishment of pies and chowed down on a giant pizza pie.


In all seriousness, we have found that people struggle the most during days 13-15.  Stay the course!

3 Responses

  1. Dave

    Man, this CrossFit stuff really works! I haven’t bench pressed since college, and never much above 180. And today I put up 205 once (and used 195 for the rest of the sets), and that was at the end of the workout.

    Am still a hideous mess at double unders, however.

  2. Lori T.

    Thanks Molly, y’all rocked the bench too! Must have been all that hard work, I had a mid-afternoon food meltdown ended up a whole foods looking at the sweets, then thought, “What the HELL am I doing?” I diverted my path and walked down the toilet paper aisle,looking for the shortest checkout line, paid for my chicken and spinach. I made it safely home and am now safe with my almond butter and banana smoothie. Whew, that was close. Stay on track WTF.