As promised, we will loan out the shop equipment to members for personal home use from now until the shop reopens. 

Beginning Monday, we will give you three options for your workout daily. All workouts will be available in SugarWOD. The options are based on the equipment available to you. 

Of course, substituting and getting creative for certain pieces of equipment is welcomed and encouraged!

Option 1: Bodyweight

No equipment needed. There will be sit-ups and box jumps, but these are easy to implement with a towel in place of an Abmat and a stair, ledge, cooler, or performing tuck jumps in place of a box!

Option 2: Minimal Equipment

• Dumbbells or kettlebell
• Medicine ball or slammball
• Jump rope

Option 3: Home Gym

• Barbell/weights
• Dumbbells
• Kettlebell
• Jump rope
• Pull-up bar or rings
• Piece of aerobic equipment (bike, rower, etc.)

How the Loaner Program Works

Members can choose up to two pieces of equipment to take home – kettlebells, slam balls, barbells, ergs, bikes, pull-up bands, you get the idea…  

If you choose a barbell, you can take home 50% of your 1RM deadlift in bumpers and plates.   

No, you can’t take home the rig;). Or mats. 

Sign-up and Pick-up

1. Sign-up for a pick-up time! Enter your first and last name. 

2. Once you enter your name, the square will turn red.  

3. To ensure proper social distancing, please be on time for your pick-up time. 4. Know what you’d like (have 1-2 back-ups just in case) in advance of coming to pick up your items!  

Sign-up Here.