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Finding a Common Bond


Finding a Common Bond

For time:
Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile

In 2008, Eric and I traveled back to the East Coast for a work project. Having started CrossFit the week prior, we of course had to find an affiliate to visit in the DC area. It was in that workout that we met Chriss Smith for the first time, co-owner at Trident CrossFit in Alexandria, Virginia.
Chriss has a wonderfully infectious personality and Eric and I have tried to emulate things he and his staff have done over the years.
Here’s a neat video that CrossFit did on one of its top trainers.


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  1. Oh shit, I totally put chalk on the floor, just the other day. Sorry. I was marking my foot position for the cleans. Ali was a good sport about it, told me to use a counter heart next time. 😉