3 Rounds for time of:
135 pound Clean and jerk, 10 reps
30 Abmat situps

Do you have sound nutrition or do you simply think you do?

Ever had one of those days when you finish a workout and think to yourself, “I’m doing everything right, why isn’t this coming together?”  We have!  An quick assessment will show you what’s really going on.  Start with food. Sure, you eat well, but how well and what does it look like on paper?  Oftentimes we lose ourselves in a busy week and remember only the good days for our mental nutritional score card.  We intend to eat Paleo and in concept would classify ourselves as a Paleo King or Queen; however, a simple evaluation shows differently.  Sunday you geared up for a strong Paleo week.  Monday was great, but a forgotten lunch on Tuesday turned into a burrito.  No big deal.  Onward to Wednesday which began with a killer workout and then, oops, a scone over at the coffee shop immediately after the workout.  No gains from that workout.  Thursday was awesome, except for the 20 or so chips w/ salsa from the lunch room, and then Friday, well, the weather was nice so it just seemed like a few beers and happy hour food on the roofdeck was in order.  Yes, against the backdrop of the average American diet, you take the prize, but in achieving an optimum standard of health and fitness, you well, have failed. You have stunted your progress, both physically and mentally.

So what did you eat for breakfast this morning and what do you plan to eat for lunch?