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Free Week?


Free Week?

Overhead Lunge
box squats

Arlene, Brendi, Kim, and Adam do it up at the Holiday Party.

Free Week?

On Thursday, Eric and I went skiing.  After a fun but long cold day on the mountain we stopped in at the Bistro in Breckenridge for an early dinner, and as a side note, if you’re ever looking for a Paleo-friendly dining spot post ski in Breck, this place  hits the spot.  The temptation was all too familiar.  It’s almost the start of the weekend, which is almost the start of the holiday week, so, can we be less than good during this meal and kick-off the holiday week maybe just a little early?

We decided not to.

The holidays present a challenging environment for athletes who spend the better part of a year trying to make good decisions.  Parties, celebration, wine, and food make for a continuous string of scenarios you’d probably rather not face on the food front.  What is it about the holidays that seem to make all those bad decision just a little more “ok”?

Here’s the thing – you’re going to be OK if you slack this week.  I know – gasp, shock, awe, what?!  Has she lost her mind?!  No, I’m not telling you to give yourself the green light to eat a ton of processed crap – I would never do that because processed food will cause you to die sooner than if you didn’t eat it (obviously) BUT you should enjoy the holidays.

Enjoy the down time, the family, the traditions, including the food and cooking traditions.  Make good decisions as best you can.  Gluten free cookies, Paleo apple crisp, you get the point.

We, the coaches, would be lying to you if we told you that in order to be healthy you had to be 100% Paleo/Zone 100% of the time.  Health and fitness is not black and white, it’s an average.  And while we want the average to be 90% or higher, we want you to take the 10% when it matters.

Just don’t make it 20%…

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  1. Diana

    I promise not to make it 20%. I want to give a HUMONGOUS thank you to all the coaches that have helped me climb myself out of the hole that I created 10 years ago. Every time I come to workout, I seriously feel like I’m adding at least a few days (if not weeks) to my lifespan. I really think this program has saved my life. What’s super cool is that my New Year’s resolutions will NOT be including any “I’ve got to get my act together and get on a health plan” promises. I have definitely had my share of the very delicious-strawberry-cream-crossfit-cool-aid and I’m not stopping. I can’t wait for 2013!!!