Max rounds and reps in eight minutes of:
4 Handstand push-ups
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 8 reps
12 GHD situps

Thanks Meredith for sending us this article about the benefits of regular exercise published in The New York Times.  It’s easy to focus on the immediate benefits of coming to Roots – the fun in PRing a workout, getting fit, and seeing results – but in the long term, what will you care about?  Most likely your concern will shift to an ability to keep up with your grand kids, maintaining mental sharpness, and an ability to live independently (ie going to the bathroom on your own).  So check out the article and get in to Roots for a workout.  Consider us your 401K Plan for health:)

Even More Reasons to Get a Move On

Cool Excerpts:

  • In a commentary on the new studies, published Jan. 25 in The Archives of Internal Medicine, two geriatricians, Dr. Marco Pahor of the University of Florida and Dr. Jeff Williamson of Winston-Salem, N.C., pointed to “the power of higher levels of physical activity to aid in the prevention of late-life disability owing to either cognitive impairment or physical impairment, separately or together.”
  • One of the new studies adds mental deterioration, with exercise producing “a significantly reduced risk of cognitive impairment after two years for participants with moderate or high physical activity” who were older than 55 when the study began.
  • Weak bones and muscles increase the risk of falls and fractures and an inability to perform the tasks of daily life. Weight-bearing aerobic activities like brisk walking and weight training to increase muscle strength can reduce or even reverse bone loss. In one of the new studies, German researchers who randomly assigned women 65 and older to either an 18-month exercise regimen or a wellness program demonstrated that exercise significantly increased bone density and reduced the risk of falls. And at any age, even in people over 100, weight training improves the size and quality of muscles, thus increasing the ability to function independently.