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Get Ready…The 2013 Open is Coming.


Get Ready…The 2013 Open is Coming.

Three rounds for time of:
Run 200m
7 push presses, 70lb DBs
14 ring rows

Get Ready…The 2013 Open is Coming

Who is the CrossFit Open, what does it do, why does it work, when does it happen?

Each year CrossFit Roots participates in the Open, the CrossFit Community’s online competition and launching point to the CrossFit Games.

Athletes, whether they register or not, end up doing all of the workouts because we do them in group classes. Despite encouragement, pleading, begging, and downright “pleeeeaaaaassssing” from the the coaches, athletes are hesitant to register and decide not to.  Then, two weeks into the Open athletes come up to us and say, “oh this is so much fun, I wish I would have registered!”

Don’t let this happen to you!

All those questions and more answered beginning next week.  Read the posts on the Open.  Know what’s going on.  Don’t miss out.

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