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7 Responses

  1. TYD

    This game can be expanded to all kinds of situations. For example, an “Eva” GNAR point breakdown:
    During the run, blocking a car in one of the alleys with a dance; 500 GNAR points
    Announcing, “Hey everybody, watch me swing the #@$% out of this kettlebell!”; 500 GNAR points
    Excessive chalking before or during pull-ups; -100 GNAR points
    Doing a set of 30 pull-ups unbroken; 750 GNAR points
    Ripping hands on the pull-ups; -250 GNAR points
    Posting the fastest time in your class; 500 GNAR points
    Posting the slowest time in your class; 250 GNAR points
    Posting the fastest time of the day; 1500 GNAR points
    Doing a little dance move every time the music changes during the WOD; 500 GNAR points
    Being offered money by the car blocked in the alley; 2500 GNAR points
    Getting a snack from somebody on the patio at Happy Noodle House; 2000 GNAR points

  2. Bones

    If there’s $25,000 at stake, I’ll do pull-ups until I have no more skin on the palms of my hands. (Won’t do them nude, though, to the great relief of all.)

  3. Anonymous

    Karl – it makes me smile to see that you listed ripping your hands on the pull-up bar as a MINUS 250 points. Well done.

  4. Jason Emmanuel

    GNAR at CFR would be amazing. TYD, please amend your list to include 5000 points for doing burpees while on the phone with your mom