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Announcing the CrossFit Open


Announcing the CrossFit Open

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

The Roots Crew at the 2010 CrossFit Sectionals.

Details on the CrossFit Open

Dear Roots Crew!
CrossFits MBS, Roots, and Verve are excited to announce a joint effort in the 2011 CrossFit Open Sectionals.  Please read on for details on this great event schedule that will pack the fun into one affiliate each Saturday for six weeks.
Included in this post is an outline of how the series will work and details on the event schedule, affiliate hosts, sign-up, cost, and the answers to some of your burning questions.
Event Outline
The 2011 CrossFit Open Sectionals will consist of a six week competition.  Every Tuesday the CrossFit mainsite will announce the week’s workout and athletes will have until the following Sunday to complete and submit their time.  Each Saturday, one of the three affiliates will offer the week’s workout to 100 athletes in a series of heats (10-15 athletes/heat).
The affiliate host for each week is as follows:
March 19: Verve
March 26: MBS
April 2: Verve
April 9: Roots
April 16: MBS
April 23: Verve
Verve: 3344 Walnut St., Denver, CO 80205
MBS: 10900 West 120th Avenue, Broomfield, CO 80021
Roots: 1980 8th St., Boulder, CO 80302
Sign-up for each week’s Saturday workout will open on the Wednesday prior to the event on the website of the hosting affiliate.  For example, if CrossFit Verve is hosting March 19th, you will visit its website to sign-up for a heat.  Roots and Verve will utilize their MindBodyOnline systems for sign-up.  MBS will operate an email sign-up.  Don’t worry, it will be simple!  Each affiliate will post a direct link to the class sign-up or email on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday event.  In other words, if you log-on to Roots on Wednesday morning and the event is at Verve that Saturday, Roots will post the link to Verve’s sign-up page.
The registration cost for the CrossFit Open Sectionals is $10 and will be paid online through the CrossFit mainsite.  Each athlete is responsible for registering themselves for the Open (note: registration is not yet open, we will notify athletes when it opens).  The cost to participate in the Saturday workouts at each affiliate is $20/Saturday.  Athletes will pay $20 cash on the day of the event to the affiliate host.  Note: If you are a Roots athlete and Roots is hosting, you do not pay the $20 fee.


1. Why should I come to one of the Saturday competitions?
Because it will be a FUN time.  You’d sign-up to run a local 5K, so why not come get in a workout with the CrossFit community that you know and love?
2. What if I can’t make the Saturday workout?
Each affiliate plans to offer the workout during the week during regularly scheduled class times.  Roots will host it as the WOD every Thursday for all six weeks.  If you are a Roots athlete, there is no fee to participate in the group class Thursday workouts, but you must sign-up for class!
3. What if I sign-up for a spot and then find out I can’t make it.
PLEASE take the time to cancel your class sign-up.  Other athletes in the community who would like a spot would appreciate your courtesy and awareness in this regard.
4. What time will the heats start?
Volunteers and Judges
We will need volunteers and judges for each weekend.  Please contact Nicole if you would like to volunteer.
For any other questions about the CrossFit Open, please visit for more information.

2 Responses

  1. Molly Molter

    This question may not be able to be answered yet, but from what I understand from reading the website for the Crossfit Open, is it true that not every athlete may advance each week? So for example, I complete the first Sectionals WOD in week one and submit my time. Is it possible that my time will disqualify me from advancing to the second week? Or does every athelete complete all 6 Sectionals WODs and then the times are evaluated?

  2. Chad

    Good questions Molly. CFHQ is really behind the curve with getting info out. From what I have read, you should be able to move on to the next week as long as you did the WOD from the previous week. I have not heard of anything about DNF cutoff times. Now if you scale a workout, it is like DNFing in terms of your overall placing (won’t be able to go to Regionals individually) and your future WOD times can’t be counted towards the team’s scores. Ironically though, your past WOD scores will still count towards the teams score even if you are out of competition for the future WODs. Doesn’t make sense, but I guess I can see the confusion with tracking the whole thing. I hope they have really tested this wiz-bang games scoring website before they have it go live week one…