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Go Broncos – Place Your Bet…


Go Broncos – Place Your Bet…

For time:
30 Muscle-ups
135 pound Clean & Jerk, 21 reps
Row 2,000 meters

Go Broncos – Place Your Bet…

It’s a BRONCOS weekend.

Sure, Blaine will be rooting for Seattle and the SuckHawks but here in Denver we’ll be rooting for the BRONCOS.

Post your bet to comments.  Post winning team, score, and spread.

5 Responses

  1. Alyssa

    GO BRONCOS! So glad that Blaine got called out – he’s only got a day or two left to stay excited for the game. Sunday won’t be such a good day for him…

  2. Christine Suchor

    I just love the work Payton does with the United Way! It was my inspiration for having Ryan work w/ James:)