Today we get to lift heavy stuff.
Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Paleo Kits are in!
We will have them at today’s workout.  You can purchase them for $5.00 each.  Each Paleo Kit is a 4 block Zone-proportioned meal (4B Protein, 2B Carb, 7B fat).  If you’re on a 3 block prescription or aren’t sure about the fat/carb swap just ask us and we’ll get you dialed in.

One week left to get signed up for an August Foundations Course.
Start dates and meeting times listed below.  Click here to sign-up.

August 17th: M,Th,F – 7:00am
August 17th: M,W, Sa – 10:30am
August 17th: M, W, Th – 4:30pm (full)
August 17th: M,T,Th – 7pm


Traveling doesn’t have to mean that your Paleo/Zone world falls apart.  We mention this often, but plan ahead.  Foraging for a Paleo/Zone meal at the airport or on the road is no easy task.  Shown above are two Paleo/Zone meals and two one block snacks (ok we’re missing one apple but we’ll pick it up at the grocery store tomorrow morning).  The baggies took 1 minute each to prepare and will provide enough sound solid nutrition to get me all the way to dinner time tomorrow night.