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Going Paleo Without a Challenge


Going Paleo Without a Challenge

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Three rounds for time of:
12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

Happy Paleo Valentine's Day: Grilled pork loin, sauted green cabbage with beet greens and asparagus, & boiled red beets. Compliments of Hank.

What Will You Have for Breakfast? – Going Paleo Without a Challenge, Part 1

Many folks have asked us recently when the next Paleo Challenge will take place.  We’ve got one in the works but it does not start for a month from now.  The challenges provide great frameworks for folks to start a Paleo way of eating and see the benefits, but the goal of the challenges is for folks to learn and apply a different way of eating for the longterm – not to become reliant on a challenge to enforce or enable a way of eating.

If you’ve fallen out of the Paleo way, don’t make the excuse of waiting for another challenge to set you straight. Get back at it.

How you ask?  Start with breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It’s where we set the tone for the day.  We can select good quality Paleo foods that will help us hold the line for lunch and dinner or we can throw in the towel from Round 1.

So if you’ve fallen out of a good Paleo practice, get back at it with breakfast.  Hold the line with breakfast!

Here are a few ideas – post to comments your ideas!

1. 2 hardboiled eggs and an apples
2. Bacon, a grapefruit, and an avocado
3. A Paleo Breakfast from The Cup
4. Dinner for Breakfast Scramble – take the meat from the night before and stir it up with some vegetables
5. Paleo muffins
6. A piece of steak and a cup of blueberries

2 Responses

  1. Andria

    what’s in a paleo muffin? bacon?

    nutty fruity smoothie = bannana, a couple frozen peach slices, almond butter, ground flaxseed, egg white powder, cold herbal tea, blender, done.