Run 5k

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Hammer learning to harness his jedi powers early.

Waaaayyyy back in September of 2009, when Roots was just a young concept in Nicole’s mind, a group of newbie CrossFitter’s began their CrossFit journey. One of those young and not-yet-so-fit individuals was Nathan Bolser (the tall blonde in back). He quickly adopted the nickname Hammer when he was intrigued by other athletes getting nicknames and he went to Nicole and said that he really wanted a cool nickname, “like turbo or Hammer”. It was a no-brainer for Nicole.
Over the years, Hammer has become an integral part of Roots, always offering a helping hand when he could, taking part in different cleaning aspects as well as working the front desk during seminars. He’s been involved in pretty much every outside program at Roots (except Womens Only) and we’ve seen him grow and mature into a very fit and well-rounded man.
It brings us both great sadness and happiness to say that Nathan’s life has called upon him to go a new direction…to Montana. Hammer, we’ll miss you dearly but we want you to know that you always have a place to call home at Roots! We hope you’ll visit often and we intend to do the same. Best of luck in your new adventures!
If you see Hammer in classes the next few weeks, give him a slap on the ass or post your farewells to comments!