Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
45-lb. thrusters, 25 reps
25 burpees
45-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 25 reps


Harvest Hoedown Podium

The 2016 CrossFit Roots Harvest Hoedown went down this past Saturday at Roots and it lived up to all the hype! 26 teams showed up to give their all and one could not have asked for better weather. Team Evolve OGs (Jon Mckeon and Stine Wang) from CrossFit Evolve took home first prize with 3 event wins and top-5 finishes all day! See all RESULTS here (Ties were separated by how fast teams finished the clean ladder). Top Roots team, 76ers (Cindy Arangua and Matt Means) finished 6th. Other Roots team finishes included:

  • Valeksander the Great (Alek Stefanov and Val Meusberger) finished 7th
  • Gym and Tonic (Adam Urness and Lydia Novotny) finished 9th
  • Globo Gym Purple Ninjas (Greg Castro and Abby Knowles) finished 10th
  • To Be Determined (Greg Doyle and Lydia Disseler) finished 12th
  • Covey Beef Hash (Chris Dizon and Lisa Covey) finished 15th
  • The Chad and I (Chad Schroeder and Amy Jo DiMeglio ) finished 18th
  • Salty Walts (David Allen and Pam Walter) finished 24th

We were very pleased with how it all went down and Ali and I want to acknowledge all of the kickass help we had with our amazing volunteer staff. Several visiting athletes commented on how personable, friendly, and helpful our entire staff were, even as they gave “no-reps”. A BIG THANK YOU to all of the following:
Aimee Rogers
Alice Phinney
Andrea Steffes-Tuttle
Annette Elton
Ari Upchurch
Arlene Brugal
Ben O’Brien
Bill Kobrin
Sarah Brittain
Cal Lowitzer
Dave Lee
Elizabeth Elton
Rob Guglielmetti
Hailey Thompson
Jeanice Tao
Kat Read
Kyle Read
Kim Urness
Lindsay Landis
Marcus Martin
Margaret Graham
Paula Martin
Ryan Landis
Stefanie Christensen
Steve Fezler
Lastly, another BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors. Our prize packages and raffles were awesome and greatly appreciated by all.
Life of Riley Food
Jackson’s Honest
Finish Line
Whole Foods
Wild Zora