Here we are. The first day of 2020.

Let’s get after it.

We are kicking off 2020 with a 6-week nutrition challenge – The Hindsight is 2020 Challenge.

Informational Meetings

Come learn about the challenge and ask questions! These talks will be 30 minutes and we’ll be available for questions afterward.

  • Saturday, January 4th at 10 AM
  • Wednesday, January 8th at 6 PM

What’s the Jist?

Quantity, quality, and food prep.


“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake levels to that which will support exercise and not body fat.” – CF Journal, October 2002


Learn to prep your food, prep your week, prep your lifestyle. This is the foundation for enabling quality and quantity.

Who’s The Team Leading This Charge?

We are pleased to announce that this challenge is brought to you by Connor McDonald and Jess Beacom. Nicole is also in the mix.

Connor heads up our 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching at Roots and is a rockstar at helping men and women of all starting points and goals. He’s helped someone lose over 100 pounds and also does nutrition coaching for a CrossFit Games athlete. That’s some versatility.

We are also so pleased to partner with Roots’ own Jess Beacom of The Real Food Dieticians for nutrition information, weekly meal plans, and recipes to support your food prep goals! Take a moment and check out Jess’ site. There’s a full year of recipes on her site and the supporting info to help you be successful in the kitchen.

Why Should I Do This?

I’ve never done a food challenge.

Great! At CrossFit Roots we know that the athletes who make the most lasting improvements over a decade are the ones who have made an investment in their nutrition and nutrition education. Jump in, just like you did CrossFit. We’re here to help guide you.

I’ve done a food challenge and I wasn’t successful, why would I do one again?

World-class fitness does not happen overnight. It takes time, failure (that’s right), and growth. Every food challenge is the opportunity to move the needle forward. We find that many athletes are incrementally successful over 4-5 challenges. This amounts to lasting change and not overnight unsustainable results. We’re in this for the long game.

I’m in a pretty good place with my food, why would I do one again?

There is something to be learned in every food challenge. Do it for continued growth. Do it to be a leader within the shop for the newbies. Do it to give yourself a hedge against Sickness and to move your needle as far over to the Fitness side of the continuum as possible.

What’s Included

  • Guided macro calculation
  • Real food guidance
  • Weekly emails for meal planning and preparation
  • Weekly access to coaches via Instagram LIVE Q&A
  • Challenge materials
  • Private SugarWOD track and logging
  • Communication with Connor

Register Here

Sign-up now. Your MBO account will be charged prior to January 20th.


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