We get this question a lot as the holiday season comes to a close.

If there’s one thing about the few weeks before the New Year it’s that it certainly motivates individuals in January – so let’s put that motivation toward a great result!

And YES, we have a food challenge just around the corner!

Why Do a Food Challenge?

A food challenge is an opportunity for a designated time to learn more about how you eat. By making a greater commitment to eating higher quality foods in better quantities, you move the needle toward longterm eating patterns that will support health and longevity. Gaining insight into your habits, tendencies, and cravings while controlling quality and quantity is a recipe for success.

What Does This Food Challenge Entail?

This challenge will focus on quality, quantity, and food prep.

Quality – Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. In short, eat whole foods that have not been processed. We all know how to do this in practice, it’s the application that often stumps us.

Quantity – Keep intake levels to that which will support exercise and not body fat. We want to fuel the machine (you!) toward performance and longevity. Both of these areas as supported when we do not consume too much.

Food Prep – Healthy eaters prep their food. There’s just no way around it. We’ll spend six weeks prepping meals for the week so that you’re set up for success.

We’ll release more details as well as open signup on January 1st!