Wednesday’s workout is 100 L-pull-ups for time.

We pulled the workout from the mainsite, which, for all you veterans, you’ve probably caught on that we’re back on a 2-week delay. More on that in another post!

At first site, you might think we’re crazy. But the fact of the matter is that we have athletes who can handedly do 100 pull-ups for time. And we like to keep this community moving forward by continuously upping the challenge.

In CrossFit, the saying goes, “program for the best, and scale for the rest.”

Why is this?

Ever heard the phrase, “a rising tide lifts all boats“? The same concept applies to CrossFit programming and the resulting athleticism of the group as a whole. If every workout was attainable at face value by every person, this community would not have improved across the board over the past 10 years.

Scaling and tailoring of workouts plays a huge role here such that whatever fitness lineage you start from, you have a path to achieve and aspire to greater things.

The result of creating a completely attainable fitness program for all – mediocre fitness for all.

Some will say, well why don’t you just change the workout to 50 Strict Pull-ups for time and scale up for some folks. Rx+, as it’s often called, is one of the biggest atrocities in CrossFit – it follows the “everybody gets a trophy” mentality and that is not who we are at CrossFit Roots.

Sure, it takes a level of maturity, perspective, and support for an athlete to put themselves in this environment we call CrossFit. And believe it or not, every athlete, whether new or old, top of the leaderboard or not – deals with this in their own right. Remember to put the emphasis on hard work, good movement, and true effort each day and know that your coaches value this above all else.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind for Wednesday

  1. We’ll have lots of scaling options! Tucked pull-ups, regular pull-ups, assisted strict pull-ups, graviton (just kidding on the gravitron, as if!)
  2. This workout will be a lower intensity overall! This workout is not a “fly through it.” You’re going to stand around some. Your goal might be to do 1 pull-up every minute for 30 minutes.
  3. It’s about the work and effort you put in – struggling through a larger set of strict pull-ups will provide an athletic insight you could not grasp by doing 5 or 10.
  4. It’s core to extremity strength at it’s best! Can you pull with your appendages WHILE keeping your midline engaged?
  5. It will be fun!