Hi Crew!
As you all know, we use a powerful client management software at Roots called MindBodyOnline. MindBodyOnline has a great app with lots of great features that help you get the best experience at the shop! 
We wanted to take a moment to outline these features – both in the app and via email. Many folks do not opt-in to this service when they first create a profile in MBO (we get that, you didn’t know what we might send you!).
And just so we’re all clear, we’ll never share your email or information with anyone.

Text Alerts

Opt-in for text alerts so you’re always in the know about your class sign-ups and schedule. Text alerts let you know if you’ve been rolled into a class from the Waitlist and allow you to confirm or deny a waitlist spot.

Email Reminders

We strongly encourage you to opt-in here! When you opt-in to email reminders and notifications, you get reminders for class and notifications from us if you accidentally forgot to sign in for class, or did not show up. When you receive that email, you can send a quick reply if the Late Cancel or No Show was made in error and we can make the adjustments on our end.
Please note, this feature does not opt you into our newsletter or promotions, you can do that here if you’d like.

How to Opt-in for Emails/Texts, Update Your Email Address, and Phone Number

See below for instructions on how to update your email and text preferences as well as update your information. Please make certain that your email and phone number listed in your account is accurate so that we can reach you!

And, if you ever need MBO or membership assistance, remember that [email protected] is your go to!