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Instructions for Thursday – READ THIS POST.


Instructions for Thursday – READ THIS POST.

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
10 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood
10 Box jumps, 24 inch box
10 Ring dips

Ari, Ali, and Samantha put on a technique show last week during the 25 minute AMRAP.  Nice work you three!

Ari, Ali, and Samantha put on a technique show last week during the 25 minute AMRAP. Nice work you three!

Instructions for Thursday – READ THIS POST.

Wednesday marks the start of the 2013 CrossFit Open with the LIVE workout announcement from CrossFit Vitality in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Roots will do the workout as part of its annual CrossFit Open Thursday Night Throw Downs.  If you signed up for The Open (114 of you did! – and it’s not too late!) please read through this post so you know exactly how it will work each week.

One Week Prior (Thursday)
– Sign-up on MBO for a CrossFit Open heat the following week between 4 and 7pm.  You must do the workout at the time you signed up for.  Read below for details on warm-up.

Wednesdays Prior to the Throw Down
– The workout will be announced LIVE via the CrossFit Games website at 6:00PM MST (on the THIRD week it will be announced LIVE from CrossFit Roots!)
– Roots will post the workout, movement standards, and any other workout-specific details to the website on Wednesday at 8pm

Thursday Evenings (The Throw Downs)
– Doors will open at 4pm on Thursday for warm-up
– Upon arrival, athletes will visit the check-in table to confirm their spot in their heat.
– A suggested warm-up will be posted on the whiteboard.  It is the responsibility of the athlete to be warmed up PRIOR to their heat start time.  Heat start times are NOT like the start of a group class.  That is the time when you will DO the workout.
– There will be a designated warm-up area with 1-2 coaches at all times.  Ask the coaches for guidance and direction if you’re not sure what to do after reading the whiteboard.
– Workout in your heat and collect your score from your judge.
– Stay, cheer, hangout, and BYOPA to celebrate the evening and your hard work.  Bring you family, your spouse, your friend to watch the heats – share the fun and excitement!

Thursday Evening through Sunday at 4pm
– SUBMIT your score on the CrossFit Games website in your athlete account
– It is YOUR responsibility (and requirement) to submit your score for validation prior to Sunday at 4pm
– Not to scare you, but failure to submit your score for validation prior to this will result in you being eliminated from the competition and ALL of your past scores being deleted

Need clarification on any piece of this?  Please post to comments!

22 Responses

  1. karin

    In the past, we could do the work out during our normal WOD times. As I’m in no danger of going to Regionals (ie- an official judge would not be counting for me during the regular WOD time), can I still use my score for the competition?

    1. lauren

      Ditto this. I signed up for the Open, but considering I can’t do a real pull-up (or a lot of other things) I was planning on mostly doing just my regular WOD time since that’s a lot more convenient.

    2. I have the same question. A few of the coaches said that I would be able to do the Open workout during my AM workout and could still count my results. Is this true?

      1. Tara, on Thursdays the Open workout will be the workout of the day for all regular group classes. As in the past, we will run two heats of each workout in the classes and athletes will judge their partner. If there is a certified judge in the class that can validate your score then you’re good to go. If not, then we won’t be able to validate your score. This has worked in the past just fine. As long as not everyone uses this as the default system in the AMs all should be good. We’ll see how it goes and make adjustments if we need to and are able.

    3. Good question Karin. The only guarantee of a certified judge will be during the Throwdown Heats on Thursday nights. If you come in the mornings and there is a judge available then it will not be a problem having your score validated, but there is no guarantee that a judge will be available. If your score ends up contributing to the team total (which is the top 3 male and female scores for that wod for the gym) then you will have to have had your reps scored by a certified judge.
      AND, the heats during the evening will be MUCH MORE FUN!

  2. JakeDurling

    Are Open workouts still considered WODs even though we have almost a week to do them? Should we call them WOWs (workout of the week)? I think yes.

  3. I just registered for The Open (insert nervous squeals!)! So, the coaches will be there pre-workout heat to answer questions about the movements if we’re unsure about ’em? Also, is it okay to modify the workouts like we do in class (i.e. lower weight, using bands for pull-ups)? I know we get dinged for it but is it still possible? Thanks for your help! 🙂

    1. Great question Brenda. You should plan for 20 minutes to warm-up. If you need to get crazy with stretch bands, lacrosse balls, and foam rollers before starting your warm-up, plan on 30 minutes!:)

  4. What if you are out of town on the Thursday? Is a makeup possible? Could you possibly get validated at another gym or just video it? I am asking because I know it will be an issue. I am sure many are gone the last week of March which is Boulder Country schools spring break.

    1. Jim, in order for you score to be validated you must do the workout at an approved affiliate. If you know where you’re going to be you can do a quick google search to find CF’s in the area and then you would need to contact them about how they’re doing the Open.
      Video submissions are another option. Detailed instructions of what is required for the video to be valid can be found on the Games Site here:

  5. If you’re one of the Judges, can we sign up for ANY heat on Throwdown Thursdays, or will there be some sort of schedule you want us to follow depending on # avail judges??

  6. Amber

    I was hoping to get more clarification on this:
    Not to scare you, but failure to submit your score for validation prior
    to this will result in you being eliminated from the competition and ALL
    of your past scores being deleted
    I will likely be missing 1-2 workouts due to not being in town, so does that mean that none of my other scores will count? Thanks —

    1. Amber, read Jim’s post below for what to do if you’re not in town. If you do not submit a valid score by the deadline on Sunday, then yes, you are technically disqualified from the competition as far as CF HQ is concerned. Keep in mind that this is a qualifier for athletes to go to Regionals, therefore, an athlete must complete each and every wod to have any chance qualifying for the next round.
      If you do not submit a score you can still participate in the wods on Thursdays, however, we urge you to do all you can to stay in the competition to get the most out of it!

  7. Sarah

    Yea — you guys inspired me! I’ve yet to do a single workout Rx, but I signed up for the open.