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Into the Gauntlet


Into the Gauntlet

In teams:
Row (cal)
DB Thrusters (#45/30)
Box Jump

Just like the 2010 Games team workout, one person starts the first exercise and teammates follow. Teammates can only move forward when the exercise in front of them has been completed by the teammate ahead of them.
Jim finds that pull-ups are a lot easier with a few less pounds. Jim has put in a tremendous amount of work both in the kitchen and in the shop over the past six months and it shows.

Shirts Off

Alright Roots, summer is here and we’ve noticed a lot of fine looking shirtless wonders working out at the shop.  We LOVE it.  Many of you have commented to the coaches recently that you’ve dropped a few pounds over the past year.  Share your success with everyone!

Have you lost weight since joining Roots?  If so, how much?  Did you do it with a consistent workout routine, a more Paleo style of eating, or a combo of both?  Post to Comments.


7 Responses

  1. Chad

    I’ve actually gained weight – something to do with not marathon training anymore and hitting the strength workouts a couple of times a week 🙂

  2. Hank Nicholson

    When I joined Roots a year and a half ago, I was a wreck.  41 years old, overweight and out-of0shape.  Like many of my peers, I spend the last 15 years preoccupied with career and family (five kids), while letting my physical health deteriorate. 

    Being completely clueless (the way I was) can sometimes work in your favor.  During the first or second Foundations class, Nicole dead-panned the paleo gospel to us.  Not knowing any better, and given Nicole’s persuasive delivery, and obvious personal results, I understood paleo to be part of the required formula — just like the WODs.  And, I had already committed to do this crossfit thing, so what good would it be to only do it half-way?

    Holy shit.  The metabolic conditioning combined with shock of paleo had shifted my body into rapid reverse from the previous 15 years over-eating and under-exercising.  In five short months I dropped 21% of my body weight — 190 down to 150.  Of course, this created a brand new problem — none of my clothes fit!

  3. Caps

    When I did the paleo challenge in the Fall, I wanted to try to put on some weight.  I ate five big meals a day, really packing the food down, and by the end of the challenge I’d lost 6 pounds (138 -> 132).  Whoops!  In any case, there’s no question I’d lost all body fat, no muscle, and I was in the best shape of my life.  Pretty impressive.

  4. lisa prodanovich

    I’m a relative Crossfit newbie, but I started eating mostly Paleo (forgive me my few glasses of wine and rip the weekly house special from Ozo from my cold dead hands) at the beginning of February. I had lost about 17 lbs at the time I started Foundations in April. To date, I’ve lost another 23 lbs for a total of 40, which, to be honest, still surprises me. I don’t see ever giving up this combination of eating and working out. It Just Works! Also, let’s face it, it’s really fun to shop for new, smaller clothes!

  5. Anonymous

    I only lost about 5 lbs, but gained lots of muscle! 
    Body comp is changing week by week.
    I have settled into the program and everything is better.
    I had some old injuries that have resolved gradually.
    My knees where jacked up a bit and  that made squatting difficult.
    Over time the tissue has remodeled itself and the pain is gone!
    Now I have much more strength and stability in them.
    The Paleo way is a good way. If being bad means eating oatmeal cookies, I’ll take it.
    Gratitude and Appreciation to all the coaches!!
    Lets all continue this amazing journey of elite fitness…

  6. Grandpa Mojo

    May 2010: 205 lbs – most of it fat. June 2011: 187 lbs – a lot more muscle. May 2010: lots of couch surfing, pizzas, beer, etc. June 2011: 95% paleo and my first ever sprint triathlon under my belt! – Thanks Roots!