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Jerk, You Jerk


Jerk, You Jerk

5 rounds:
10 ring dips
5 ground to overhead (135/95)
10 burpees

Chad during the Colorado Open row/burpee/snatch/slam ball workout.

One Week Off

What do you plan to do on your one week break?  Post to comments.

16 Responses

  1. Jasmine

    Max effort sleep.

    And I’ll probably go on a few bike rides. On Sunday, I’m riding the Buffalo Bicycle Classic and would like to get in a couple of longer rides this week.

  2. TYD

    This weekend I’m racing the Steamboat Springs Stage Race and then next weekend I head to Colorado Springs for a camp at the olympic training center.

  3. Chris D

    Family is coming into town for a few weeks so I will be spending time catching up with them and then head out for the Imogene Pass Run on Friday. Should be a good break.

  4. Lawrence

    Don’t worry TYD, I’ve got you covered.

    I’m not going to lie; I keep checking the website hoping that it gets updated.

  5. Chad

    FYI – Message from CF Julia if anyone needs relief from the fire and/or smoke.

    To any CrossFitters in Colorado affected by the forest fires near Boulder… we are located in Louisville 5 miles south east and are here to help. Let us know if you need assistance, our gym in open for your use until everything normalizes. Are hearts are with you.


  6. shane

    Some of you may or may not know that Ryan, strength and oly coach, is also the strength and conditioning coach for the football team at Lyons High.

    Their first home-game is this Friday, Sept. 10, at 7pm. Apparently everyone cooks-out and there’s a big to-do starting at around 5. I’ve talked with some of you about going and some have been interested so I’m throwing this out there so everyone knows about it. It’s solid and cheap entertainment to get your friday night started out.

    If you’re interested, I’m thinking a carpool from the gym…

  7. Stephanie

    I think I need to get back in the pool this week for the first time in a long time. I’ll be painting at my house if anyone is dying for some functional upper body work.

    Shane, the football game sounds like fun. Keep us posted! Maybe we will rally!

  8. I’m really enjoying sleeping in this week. But I’ve also been running a bit here and there…just so my legs don’t completely atrophy. I do have a half-marathon coming up in three weeks, so you know.

  9. shane

    I’m leaving out around 5pm to go to Lyons to watch the game if anybody wants a ride….got room for 1, or 2 if you comfortability isn’t an issue.