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How to Approach Your Week Away From Roots


How to Approach Your Week Away From Roots


50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

Apart from the two cleans that flew out of her hands, Emily powered through all 42 cleans! 105 what?!

Time to Rest, Recover, and Reflect

There are most likely two schools of thought floating out there in the Roots world from athletes prepping for the upcoming week off at Roots.  There are those that are planning to make the best of this break as they transition from one season to the next.  And those who are sad or depressed at the thought of an entire week away from Roots.

We want to take a second to discuss the responsible mature athlete approach to next week.

At Roots, we demand a lot.  We expect you to train hard, train tired when life leaves no other options, and never let excuses for workouts or missed workouts exit your mouths.  Some days this is easy, other days it’s a giant effort.  The sum of these training efforts and day in/day out efforts are fantastic measurable results that are personal to each of you.

But like many things in life that we dedicate considerable time and energy, sometimes you need to walk away to be able to come back stronger, with more focus, perspective, more zeal, and increased dedication.  There are things to be gained in the dark day in day out that is CrossFit, but there are also many things to be gained by looking back into the tunnel you’ve just come through.

We, your coaches, challenge each of you on this break to not do a single CrossFit workout, nothing that remotely resembles CrossFit.

Take a hike, sleep an extra hour, go to yoga, take an afternoon nap, make a fort with your kids, clean out your garage, call up a friend, or go play at a park.  Or, address nagging injuries that have been holding your back.

AND at the end of the week, when you’re rested and chomping at the bite to get back in the shop, sit down and make a goals sheet for the next six months

Winter is coming and those gorgeous fall days are in limited supply.  Get some.

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