There’s no better way to kickoff the 4th of July festivities than with a workout at Roots followed by a breakfast social with friends!

Join us this Thursday, July 4th at 9:30am for a workout worthy of fireworks, flags, and celebration!

Afterward, join us for a breakfast potluck. Please bring a gluten-free or Paleo dish to share!

Tell your (CrossFit) friends, get excited, it’s going to be awesome!

When do I show up?

Unlike Murph where we have a number of heats, we want you there right at 9:30am just like a normal class. We’ll take you through a warm-up, workout setup, and then we’ll hit the workout all at the same time.

What should I bring to the potluck?

In short, please bring real food. It helps us promote fitness AND HEALTH and that’s important to us. Fruit, eggs, or a bowl of bacon are all great options!

What’s the workout?

We can’t disclose that quite yet, but we promise it’s a good one and worthy of the United States’ 243rd birthday.


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