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Level 1 Essay Contest Winners.


Level 1 Essay Contest Winners.

Front squat
10 minute AMRAP
40 foot overhead plate lunge (25/15)
7 toes-to-bar

Level 1 Essay Contest Winners.

Congratulations to the Level 1 Essay Contest winners:

Andrew Wax
Suzanne Pinto
Mariah Quish
Michael Oetken
Paula Creevy




3 Responses

  1. Alison Minton

    WOD 1.0 will be working on Muscle Ups and MU progressions/transitions on Tuesday.
    Congrats to the essay winners!!  Level 1 is such a blast, enjoy!

  2. Chad

    All, the Front Range CrossFit’s Colorado Open Registration opens
    tomorrow at 9am.  The Colorado Open will be held on Aug 25-26 at FRCF
    which is located in south Denver.  This competition is probably the
    most popular annual local competition in the area.  A number of us
    from Roots have competed in the CO Open since it started.  The two-day
    competition will most likely be made up of 5 workouts, two scheduled
    workout each day and a “floater” workout to be done on one of the days
    when you want to do it (last year it was row 1,000m for time).  The
    details and the max weights possible for potential movements are on
    the FRCF’s website:  On the right
    hand side of the webpage, click on the “FRCF Event Series” button.
    From there, on the left hand side of the webpage, click on the
    “Colorado Open” button.
    If you have wanted to enter into a CrossFit competition, this is a
    good one to do.  The weights will not be as heavy as previous years
    (see website) and there are no Muscle Ups or HSPUs.  It is challenging
    and tough, but it also is an electric atmosphere and a lot of fun –
    very similar to our Roots Open workouts on Thursday nights but louder
    and more people cheering you on.
    The main reason I am posting this now is that due to this event’s
    popularity, it will most likely sell out fast.  I would not be
    surprised if it fills up tomorrow.  If not tomorrow, then in the next
    day or two.  So, if you are serious about wanting to do it, you need
    to be logged on to a computer at 9am to get registered.

  3. Amy Santamaria

    I second Chad’s sentiment – the Open is a great competitive event.  I competed in it in 2010 and was a spectator last year at 8.5 months pregnant (thought I might have my baby there, haha).  Sad that I can’t do it this year (injury) but I’d love to see a big Roots group competing.  It will definitely sell out fast.