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Level 8: Eliminate All Dairy


Level 8: Eliminate All Dairy

FIRE UPDATE: We are currently still open for the 4pm class and 5pm Foundation this evening.  If anything changes, we will post here.

Front squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

The Face of the Bench Press: Peter, Alex, Christy, Olivia, Ryan, Boone, Erik, Collin, and David.

Level 8: Eliminate All Dairy

But where will I get my calcium?

Other than humans what other animal drinks baby’s milk from a completely different animal? Kind of weird when you think about it like that, huh? Okay, but let’s get into the specifics.

First of all milk contains casein. About 80% of the protein in milk is composed of casein. Casein is very similar to gluten in that when it is broken down in the digestion process into its finer proteins it can attack the lining of the stomach ultimately leading to leaky-gut syndrome. Review the gluten post if you don’t recall how this works. It is because of this reason that many celiacs (those intolerant to gluten) cannot touch this stuff because it can further exacerbate their disease.

Also like gluten, casein has an opiate effect on our brains. This can play hell with our minds when we are trying to eliminate it from the diet. As casein is broken down it produces the peptide casomorphin. Casomorphin acts primarily as a histamine releaser which triggers an inflammatory response. You can see how quickly this can spiral out of control.

Lastly, dairy has an insulin spiking effect on our bodies. We know already how an out-of-control insulin level can wreak havoc on our bodies and our desire to shed body-fat.

How will you get all that calcium that milk has to offer back? Have no fear, veggies are HERE! That’s right, a diet high in leafy greens already contains all the calcium that your body needs. It’s almost as if nature intended it that way. Hmmm…


Will I get enough calcium if I eliminate dairy?

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  1. shane

    I was checking the food logs last night and just wanted to say NICE WORK to everyone! It’s very impressive how good everyone is doing so far. Keep it up.

    The number 1 comment seems to be people reporting that they’re irritable or lacking energy. Don’t let this get you down. This is completely normal. Remember that grains and sugar both have an opiate effect on your body so naturally there is going to be some withdrawals going on. Once you get over this hump it’s clear sailing.