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Log Your Workouts or Bust – SugarWOD What?!


Log Your Workouts or Bust – SugarWOD What?!

1/2 Triple 3
For time:
Row 1500 meters
150 double-unders
Run 1.5 miles

A peak at the SugarWOD app!

A peak at the SugarWOD app!

Log Your Workouts or Bust – SugarWOD What?!

Over the past three days we’ve laid out a lot of information.  We talked about the history of programming at Roots, changes we’ll make  to the programming beginning in September, and a planned structure to test and retest benchmark workouts.

If you haven’t had a chance to read through the blog this week, please take a moment to read through the past three days.  You won’t regret it!

A (Perfect) Storm is Brewing
Programming – Innovate or Die
Planned Benchmarks for the Year

Now, all of the changes to the programming and plans for benchmark workout tests and retests are great but they will be COMPLETELY WORTHLESS if you don’t track your workouts.

And the chosen method to track your workouts – CrossFit Roots proudly presents to you – SugarWOD!

SugarWOD is a phone app that allows you to log your workouts, track your progress, compare you results to fellow gym members (or set your privacy settings so that only you and your coaches can see your results), and so much more.  SugarWOD is used by more than 20,000 athletes and in over 100 shops around the world.  It’s already used by over 200 Roots athletes (although a number of you don’t post consistently, more on that in another post:).  AND as an added cool and awesome bonus – SugarWOD was created by our very own Roots athletes Drew and Shayna Larsen (you can catch them at the 8 or 9 am workouts most days).

Eric and I consider it a privilege and honor to have conversed with Drew and Shayna over the past year about ideas, gym owner needs, analysis tools, and athlete use as they developed and improved their app.  They have listened to everything we suggested and incorporated our comments and ideas with the utmost desire to create an app that is valuable to the athlete and coach alike.

As we transition to SugarWOD, there are a few things we want you to know.

First, as of September 1st, SugarWOD will be the sole application we (Roots and the coaches) use to analyze and evaluate programming and athlete progress.  This means that other workout tracking applications we have used in the past (Beyond the WhiteBoard and CFWhiteboard) will not be available through CrossFit Roots or on our website.  Data is a very important component to us and the ability to have it in one place is invaluable.

You can download the app here on the iTunes Store.  On Android?  Don’t fret!  The Android app is coming August 22nd.

The AWESOME news is that SugarWOD has a handy application to transfer ALL of your data to the app.  If you have used Beyond the Whiteboard and want get a head start and transfer your data now, CLICK HERE.

Finally, we welcome Drew and Shayna to the Cool Cruel Summer August to help athletes get set-up with the new app – iPhone and Android!  Come do the workout, download the app, learn how to use it, and log your workout!

Questions?  Post to comments. 

18 Responses

    1. Hi Moishe. At this point we do not have plans to input Power Hour or Strength workouts into SugarWOD. That being said, we will consider it. In addition, you do have the option to input your own workouts into SugarWOD so say for example, if you did a 5×5 deadlift in Strength you could easily add this into SugarWOD.
      As for Endurance workouts, I will definitely work with Walker to make this happen.

      1. Moishe Lettvin

        W00t! Thanks Nicole. (mainly I care about Endurance because I’m always so WOD-drunk at the end that I forget what we actually did)

  1. Guest

    I’m sure SugarWOD works great, but this sucks for those of us with no smartphone (unless they have a desktop interface they haven’t told us about). You should leave cfwhiteboard on the website for “the rest of us” to continue tracking our wods

    1. Hello,
      I am sorry you think this sucks. No system is perfect for everyone but we are not able to maintain numerous workout tracking applications and enter in workouts to three different systems each day.
      SugarWOD is looking into a web-based option although I cannot say the date of when it will be available.
      As always, we will look into options to work with your situation. Thank you for making me aware of your scenario. If you’d like to email me we can discuss options.

  2. Charlie

    Are you saying that the coaches have access to the athletes’ data? Only the coaches, or is it all public?

    1. Drew Larsen

      Each athlete can set their own privacy level: Private, Friends Only, Friends + Box, or Everyone. Coaches do not have special access to data that an athlete has marked as private. Coaches do have access to anonymous aggregate data for the box.

  3. Killer

    I am loving SugarWOD, but I definitely need some advice on how to best access my info…looking forward to the August Cool Cruelness!

  4. Tim S

    Looks like I need to get a new smartphone. I am more likely to get an Android than an iPhone. Any limitations for the droid version of Sugar, Drew?? Thanks!

  5. Eric

    I cannot find the SugarWOD app in the google play store but yet we’re transiting to it today… help? I read that it was to be available Aug 22nd.