Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of:
205-lb. snatch, 1 rep
205-lb. clean and jerk, 3 reps

The lost and found has been relocated from the back room up to the front cubbies. We hope that having your left-behind stuff sitting within reach and in front of you will encourage you to take it home.  3 of the bins are for general lost and found items, 1 is for shoes and 1 for water bottles. Jewelry and other valuables are still located behind the Coaches front desk and can be retrieved by asking a Coach.
We’ve emptied the old lost and found area and moved it temporarily to a table up front, so please have a look the next time you’re in as it will be making it’s way to the Salvation Army in a few days. No, this is not an invite to shop among the items that are not yours….we know there is some nice stuff there.