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Lost & Found – We Have One


Lost & Found – We Have One


Emily and Decker display 23 water bottles, two pairs of shoes, and various jackets and outerwear - the Roots Lost & Found is HOPPIN' after just three weeks:)

Lost & Found

Oh hey CrossFit Roots!  We wanted to take a moment to update you on the newly established Lost & Found and how an item gets there.

At the close of each day, all items left on the floor, in the cubbies, bathrooms, and showers are moved to the Lost & Found.  The Lost & Found is in the back coaches’ area.

If you have a lost item just ask one of the coaches to check in the back for you.

Lost and found items will stay at the shop for one month.  At the end of each month we will donate items to GoodWill.

A special note on water bottles:
One of the biggest changes coming from the old space is that we no longer allow athletes to keep water bottles at the shop  There are various reasons for this, health issues among many.  We appreciate your understanding on this matter.  In regard to Lost & Found water bottles, at end of each month we make them all available for purchase for $1.00.  If you see your water bottle there and want it back, it will cost you a $1.  Consider it a storage fee for the month;).  If you see a water bottle that you really want, you can purchase it for $1.

All funds collected from water bottle sales will go toward adult beverages at Roots parties!

Another special note on Oly shoes:
We will soon (as in this week) have a place for athletes to store their Olympic Weightlifting shoes.  Please keep your shoes with you until we get the shelves built.  We will post more details on this soon.

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