Hey Roots!

We wanted to provide you with an update to class operations and programming in regard to the most recent mask update from the State of Colorado.

Per the State of Colorado, everyone will be required to wear a mask when within the walls of CrossFit Roots, when exercising or not. For the specifics on this, read here.

What Does This Mean for Classes?

Going forward, we will limit classes to 12 people and hold one class per hour. Classes will utilize the space inside and outside on a day to day basis. Classes may be inside or outside, depending on the programming, weather, and other factors.

Please come each day ready to workout inside, or outside (constantly varied!).

As an example, if the workout requires lots of breathing, we will hold the class outside. On the flip side, if the programming is a strength day or does not require hard breathing, we will hold the class inside and require masks to be worn throughout the class. Having the option to hold class inside or outside will allow us to expand the breadth of our programming as we will have access to more options.

At this time, we will keep one rig inside and one rig outside to aide in versatility of programming based on a number of considerations. In some instances, we may split the class and utilize both rigs.

Thank You

As always, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to pivot and react to the various state and local health requirements. Our goal is to get you the best possible workout while providing a safe, well-coached, and thoughtful class experience.