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Meet a Root – David Mejias


Meet a Root – David Mejias

Deadlift 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.

Meet David Mejias - freelance commercial photographer, burpee pull-up lover, and Roots athlete!

Meet a Root – David Mejias

, better known on the whiteboard as D2!

Months CrossFitting?
Favorite WOD or lift (pick one)?
GI Jane. Love me some burpee pullups.
Least favorite WOD or lift (pick one)?
Heavy thrusters. Oh, and wallballs make me want to cry too.
What do you do for work? (career)
Freelance commercial photographer – David Mejias Photography
What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?
I love that I can show up and have a workout planned. I daydream too

much to stay focused on my own.
What is your least favorite thing about CrossFit?
The minute or two before the WODs start. When you realize, “oh crap. I

actually have to do this. [email protected]#!!”
Do you have any goals in CrossFit?  Anything specific you want to accomplish?  (muscle up, pull-up, handstand push up, 2x body-weight squat)
I’ve never done a muscle up. That’s a fun goal. I also need to get my

diet down. I’m only like 30% paleo. Which is funny because I feel 90%
When you’re not CrossFitting, what activities keep you busy?
I play tennis 2-3x a week. I snowboard and rock climb some.
Where were you born/raised?
Perth Amboy, NJ
Married, kids, family?
Solo. Like caveman.
How do you make CrossFit a part of your weekly schedule?
I’m lucky in that I work for myself and can often escape to Crossfit

at random times. I also live five blocks away and work three blocks

away. It’s hard to make excuses.

Anything you’d like to add?
3+2 = 5. Also, I’m a recent transplant from Boulder Crossfit and am

loving Roots. Great energy, great athletes. Thanks for having me!

We recently discovered that David is inches from a muscle-up. He can also run, fast.

5 Responses

  1. Chris Hansen

    Ahhh… Cirque of the Towers in the Winds of Wyoming! – Just spitting distance from where I grew up! 🙂

  2. Gator

    Welcome. Welcome! Where are you in the second pix? How beautiful!!! And I have a feeling a Muscle Up WOD is in the very near future….

    PS > We’ve already met… I was “Gator” with the long braids at FGB on Monday.

  3. Shane Upchurch

    Awesome work on FGB Tuesday David. You were crushing those box jumps. Where might we see some of your work?