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Months CrossFitting?
I’ve been a Roots since Sept 2010.
Where were you born/raised?
Born and raised in Boulder, CO.
What do you do here in Boulder (for work, family, career)?

FUN FACT: Ian was in the 2015 Firefighter Calendar! Check it out – he’s sporting a Roots tattoo!

I am a Firefighter for the Poudre Fire Authority (Fort Collins, CO)
What class times are your jam?
I usually come to the mid-day classes (around noon). On occasion I hit the 4pm class.
How do you make CrossFit a part of your weekly schedule?
I try to make it to class on my off-shift days about 3x per week. We work 24 hour shifts and don’t get off of work until 8am so making it to the weekend classes is a little difficult.
Why do you do CrossFit? Why do you like it? Do you like it?
My profession requires a high level of strength and conditioning. We are called to dangerous and physically demanding emergencies and must be able to perform at a moments notice. CrossFit provides the physical training (not to mention Mental Toughness) necessary to be an effective firefighter.
I love doing CrossFit for so many reasons! It makes me feel great, It helps me do my job better, I get to meet and workout with such amazing athletes and coaches, etc.
How has your experience with CrossFit evolved since you first started?
Back in 2010 I walked into Roots without any CrossFit experience. Naturally I thought all CrossFit gyms were like Roots. Over the years I began to notice that the coaching was quite a bit different at Roots than at some other affiliates. The coaches here at Roots really know there shit, they take the time to appropriately prepare athletes for the WOD while illustrating proper technique, and scaling movements for injuries. I dropped into some other gyms that simply give their athletes a “3-2-1 GO!” without any coaching.
I just received my CF-L1 in OCT 2017 and I was shocked to learn most of my classmates (many of which were brand new to CF) were taking the class so they could open their own gyms. To make a long story short, I feel very fortunate to have blindly stumbled into one of the better CrossFit gyms and am very grateful for the quality of coaching we get at CrossFit Roots.
If you could give one piece of advice to someone just starting at the shop, what would it be?
Check your ego at the door.
Favorite WOD or lift?
The 12 Days of CrossFit Roots
Least favorite WOD or lift?
Do you have any goals or aspirations in the next year, CrossFit-related or outside the gym?
Just want to get back shape after my shoulder surgery last Fall.
When you’re not CrossFitting, what activities keep you busy?
Volleyball, Softball, Hiking, Biking, Snowboarding
Married, kids, family?
I am single, no kids. Still holding out for Sara Sigmundsdottir.
Any favorite stories from Roots or a group class? Funny, comical, happy, cool?….
One day in class, we warmed up for the WOD by playing dodgeball. I managed to hit the “Fittest Woman On Earth” in the face with a dodgeball. She then knocked me out several times leaving sizable welts. True story.
Anything you’d like to add?
I love working out at Roots! Great coaching, great people, & GREAT PARTIES!