Are you looking to pursue CrossFit competitively in a structured, coached, and thoughtfully programmed environment? Is your goal to make it to Regionals? Do you want to place Top 100 in the CrossFit Open in 2019? Do you want teammates to train with, hold you accountable, and push you to be better?
Please join us on Tuesday, January 9th at 6pm for the Competitor Program and Class interest meeting. This meeting is open to Roots members and any area CrossFitter looking for a competitive home.

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The Meeting Will Cover:

  • Program schedule and commitments
  • Introduce the new Competitor group class and requirements for participation (the minimum skills list for this class is different than the requirements for the full Competitor Program)
  • Programming methodology
  • Coaches and programmers
  • Minimum skills and capacities list required for Competitor Program

Competitor Programming Methodology

Those wanting to excel at the Regional level need to have a strong base of general physical preparedness (GPP); that is the heart of the programming. The GPP workouts are classic in design and variance; they are authored without gimmicks, bias, or additions that dilute the power of intensity. World-class weightlifting, gymnastics skill work, and strongman sessions round out the programming to provide the necessary base regardless of the athlete’s current strengths and weaknesses.  Assistance work also provides strength and mobility pieces required by higher volume athletes.  
The intent is that the volume can be accomplished in one-2 hour (or less) session 5 days a week. (It is recommended to break the Friday session into two parts, when possible, however). The expectation is that the participating athletes have commitments outside of the gym. 


Dave Lee
On-site Competitor Program Director
Former Regional Competitor
CrossFit Level 3 Certified Trainer (CF-L3)
EvaClaire (“EC”) Synkowski
Former CrossFit HQ Flowmaster and Coach to Female and Male Individual Games athletes
CrossFit Level 4 Certified Coach (CF-L4)
MS, Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine
Mike Cerbus
Power Monkey Coach
Olympic Weightlifting Specialist
2011 American Open Champion