Lately, I’ve been hooked on a feeling. No, not hooked on the Blue Suede song. I’ve been hooked on a feeling, an emotion, that our blog needs a revival. 
Some of you may remember that the primary purpose of the blog when we first started Roots was to deliver the workout of the day. Athletes anxiously awaited each evening for the blog to post and bring them the news of their fate for the next day. We posted at 7pm (most of the time) each evening, for 7 years, or 2,732 times.
During those seven years, we witnessed the growth of handheld communication, apps, and the birth of SugarWOD. It was a glorious thing. SugarWOD created a platform for us to program workouts AND have them deliver to athletes at 6pm every evening. Was the blog now obsolete? And without the draw of the workout of the day, would athletes still read the blog?
And so our dedication to and communication via the blog decreased. But over the past year, I noticed some important things that were lost without this form of communication with you:

  • We lost a line of communication with our athletes. Class provides the main mechanism for athlete/coach communication and the blog has its own role.
  • The blog provided a place for continuing education about CrossFit, training practices, gym policies and beliefs, and what we stand

    Check it out! A live link to the daily blog post via SugarWOD.

    for as a gym and community. I believe that as humans, the more we immerse ourselves in the words, literature, and practice of our health and fitness goals, the more it becomes ingrained into our subconscious and helps turn our goals into longterm permanent practices. Take the holidays as an example. Spend enough time binge-watching cable TV and you’ll undoubtedly want a new phone, M&Ms, and a new car.
  • We lost a place to highlight athletic achievements and athletes
  • Communication regarding events decreased as we relied on the newsletter and shop flyers to communicate event info
  • I found that things of which, from my perspective, were standard knowledge at the shop, were not as much anymore. This was my fault. I started to think (unknowingly) that posting on a topic once somehow committed it to the memory and practice of everyone – forever.  I now see the ongoing blog conversation as a healthy form of nourishment of which any gym or community needs to thrive, grow, and communicate.

So naturally, we’re going to do something about this. Starting today, you can expect to see new content on the blog Monday through Friday of each week.
You can access and read the blog the following ways:

  1. On the blog. You can visit it directly or subscribe and have it delivered to your email inbox each day.
  2. On our Facebook page. We’ll feed the blog post directly to our Facebook page at the time of each post.
  3. On your SugarWOD workout feed (see picture). Look between the photo and the workout and you’ll see a direct link to the blog post!

I’d love to hear from you. What do you want to see revived on the blog? Post to comments. 
And check back tomorrow as we highlight the DYNAMITE lineup we’ve put together to kick off 2018!