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Mobility on Demand


Mobility on Demand

Free Class this Saturday at 11:00am!  Come learn what CrossFit is all about and how to get started at Roots in the New Year.  

Extra Kids and Teens Classes on Saturday, December 13th – Kids at 9:15am, Teens at 10am

Workout 12.1
Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:

Jonathan and Andrea have been longtime Roots members, and their smiles are contagious!

Jonathan and Andrea have been longtime Roots members, and their smiles are contagious!

Mobility on Demand

We are excited to share with you that our very own Roots athletes, Jonathan and Andrea, have put their heads together on a neat project.  Check it out!

Mobility on Demand (MOD) is a card deck that satisfies the need for a portable, convenient, mobility guide. 

The tool is a card deck containing 30 mobility exercises that both athletes and coaches can use. If you’re an athlete, you can shuffle through the deck to build a customized mobility workout at the gym, in your living room, or on vacation.
The exercises provided in the first deck require no equipment so you can perform them anywhere, anytime. Future decks will require specified mobility equipment.

You can get your own MOD at And, if you’re a Roots athlete, use the promo code WELOVEROOTS for free shipping.

Congrats Andrea and Jonathan!

10 Responses

  1. shane

    Awesome! We might start using this in mobility class, and probably something that will be both needed and invited after 7 minutes of burpees!

  2. Marcus Martin

    We got our pack of MOD cards in today’s mail. Thanks Jonathan and Andrea. My favorite one is the “Inappropriate Stretch.” Top that one, Shane!

  3. shaynalarsen

    Got ours in the mail today too! The illustrations are great. I might actually work on mobility now. And these are awesome stocking stuffers for CrossFitters.

  4. MollyMo1982

    Great idea guys! I wish I had thought of that 😉 Also, glad today is my rest day! I have no desire to do that WOD again!

  5. Just joining in the chorus of compliments! I’ve already tweeted about how awesome the MOD cards are and will continue to share the love. SO GOOD.