Overhead squat
Ring dips
3 sets, max reps

Learn to meet the bar and reap the benefits, right Nisha?

More Than a Workout

Your daily hour at CrossFit Roots is more than the Workout of the Day.  It’s a carefully planned session that consists of any combination of warm-up, mobility, skill and technique practice, the workout, and a warm down.  Sure, we all want to get to the action but it’s the before and after part that will enable you to perform at your best when it counts.  Foam rolling – yes, it hurts, but it’s great for you and will enable your glutes to fire like magic in a deadlift.  Inch worm, yes – it’s easier to bend your knees to get your feet back to your hands, but hamstrings that are as tight as guitar strings will fail you in the end.  Whether a sport specialist or generalist, both types of athletic training require maintenance.  Be good to your body and it will go to work for you.