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Mrs. Killer!


Mrs. Killer!

4 rounds:
AMRAP 4 minutes of:
5 power clean
4 push press
20 double-unders
rest 2 minutes between rounds

The did it! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Killer!

Mrs. Killer

A very special congratulations to Lori and her husband Josh!

6 Responses

  1. Lori — you are the MOST SplendaFABtacularly GORGEOUS looking bride (and groom, lol – adore the fashion forward footwear!!) EVER!!   
    Can’t wait to see ALL the pics — and host that CFR wedding reception for you at YOUR place 😉

  2. Lorin1977

    Thanks for the shout out Nicole! It’s been an exciting few weeks. As I type I’m on the ferry to Virgin Gorda! See you all soon. (I’m going to need some ass kicking when I get back from all the tropical drinks down here….)

  3. Diane

    Congratulations Lori!!  You look amazing.  I bet you look good naked, too!  (Should I say that?  Oh, well…send)!