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Nice Swing.


Nice Swing.

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Nice swing! Emily during the Saturday team workout. Note the full extension of her arms overhead. How do we know she hit full range of motion? We can see her ear from the side infront of her arms. Bingo!

Big Ups to Wednesday

Big ups to everyone who came in yesterday for the front squat/pull-up/double under workout.  We saw some NICE front squats, attention to detail in warm-up, and a solid balance between form and intensity during the workout.  We also saw many people feeding off of the collective suckfest and pushing a little bit harder to the end.  Strong work.

3 Responses

  1. Fraser

    Had a great time (no not at the WOD today) at the picnic, (loved the paleo cup cakes Christy) congrats Roots for making it a year in the big world in a tough economy. If anyone is looking to see how you can improve at Roots look at the old clip posted recently of Emily and Molly doing box jumps and then watch them bust them out in a work out now. Faster, Higher, Better. A perfect example of getting out what you put in. BTW I added some more T-shirt slogans into the mix. Hmm, add that to the list CFR: You get out what you put in.