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November Newsletter – Welcome New Coaches!


November Newsletter – Welcome New Coaches!

Click here to read the November Newsletter.

5 sets for max load (not for time)
3 thruster, 3 push press, 3 front squat
Find your heaviest set of 9.  Athletes may not put the bar down between movements (must complete all 9 in a row)

Welcome new coaches Russell Berger, Ali Minton, and Tracie Holcomb.

November Newsletter – New Coaches!

The November Newsletter hit email inboxes yesterday!  In it we announced three new coaches at Roots!  See below for a bio on each! Click here for a link to the complete Newsletter.

Ali Minton

Ali recently moved from Boston, MA to take a job at CU-Boulder as an Academic Advisor in the Integrative Physiology Department.  When not on campus, you can often find Ali coaching athletes through the Foundations Course, co-coaching a class, or working out herself.  A very accomplished athlete, Ali started CrossFit in Boston, MA after her friends opened CrossFit Southie.  A total “gym rat” at the time and doing some heavy lifting, she was hesitant about the whole CrossFit concept.  No “cardio?”, 4 min workouts – how is that enough? CF Southie owner and bestfriend Amy finally persuaded her to try a workout.  You know how this story goes – she was instantly hooked.  In December 2010 she attended a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course and in January 2011 started interning and coaching at CrossFit Southie.  In addition, Ali was on the CrossFit Southie Northeast Regional team which missed qualifying for the CrossFit Games by 2 measly points!

We’ll leave you with a quick note from Ali, “I love the competition aspect of CrossFit, the training itself and most importantly, the community.  I would never go back to my old ways!  Thanks to CrossFit Roots for being such a welcoming and open community.”

Tracie Holcomb

Tracie began CrossFit in the summer of 2007 in Nicole and Eric’s garage.  Always active and generally fit, she began working out with Nicole in what she describes as “a low point after giving birth to her 3rd child just two months prior.  It was a pretty overwhelming time in my life with 3 young kids, low energy and little sleep, a job, and a body that looked and felt much different than it had before I started popping out babies! It took some coaxing to get me to the door, but it was the start of a journey that helped me find fitness and health beyond what I had ever achieved through any of my other athletic endeavors.”

When not at Roots Tracie is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Boulder Community Hospital.   She also manages Team Holcomb which includes husband Tom, a member at Roots, and 3 kids (Ruth, Maggie, and Betty).  You’ll see Tracie at the shop working 1-on-1 with athletes, coaching the Foundations Courses, or co-coaching classes.

Tracie’s favorite part of CrossFit is, “knowing that I have the general strength and fitness to throw down for a run, bike ride, ski, or pretty much any athletic endeavor with my friends, even if I haven’t specifically trained for it.”

Russell Berger

Russell Berger began CrossFit while in the military in 2005. By 2006 he was serious about it and experienced firsthand how CF made him tremendously better at his job.  After getting out of the military in 2008 her moved to Huntsville, Alabama and began training at local big box gyms.  After getting kicked out for doing CrossFit he and a business partner started the first affiliate in north Alabama – CrossFit Huntsville.

In 2009 he began competing in CrossFit and writing for the CrossFit Journal.  He was a 2009 CrossFit Games competitor, a judge at the 2010 and 11′ CrossFit Games, and took 1st place in the 69 kilo weight class at the 2010 CrossFit/USAW Open.

After passing his Level 2 CrossFit Coaching Certification in 2009 he was asked to join the CrossFit Headquarters Seminar Staff. In 2011 he moved to a full-time position with HQ, sold his share of his affiliate, and moved he and his family to Boulder – “because it’s beautiful, close to good friends, AND has easy access to a great airport!”  Russell’s passion for teaching and coaching CrossFit will be a wonderful addition to the Roots Crew.

We hope to see the entire Berger family at the shop – welcome Katherine, Campbell, and Barrett!

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