Thursday noon class added to the schedule this week!  Sign-up on MBO.

10-1 burpee pull-ups
2 clean & jerks (165/110) between every set
(As always, scale as necessary, duh.)
Thanks Adrian for the workout.

Trip to NorCal.

– “You dripped sweat on the floor.”
– “That’s probably the first time that’s ever happened in this gym.”

While in California this weekend, Trevor and I decided to hit a WOD on Friday afternoon to properly kick off the weekend.  We decided on the front squats and burpee AMRAP and headed for the Stanford University gym. 

The 5,000 square foot gym had an army of ellipticals and treadmills, each humming along as students sipped water bottles, turned pages of magazines, and watched TV.  We witnessed 1/3rd depth squats, cheating pull-ups, and dumbbell fly/air squat combos.

The point of my description is not to put down what we saw. Let’s be honest, we’ve all performed some gimmicky fitness moves prior to our CF days.  What dawned on me; however, as I looked around the gym is that you, our athletes, took a chance on us at CrossFit Roots.  Having been removed from a traditional gym environment for so long, I forgot what it’s like.  What we ask of you day in and day out is grossly different from the standard.  When a new athlete walks into our shop I never think that our shop does not conjure up visions of athleticism, long term health, and a team environment, but that’s the standard we aim to deliver every single day. So thanks for thinking for yourselves, taking a chance on us and our little shop, and being a part of the fun.