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Oly Meet Recap & Swim WOD Details


Oly Meet Recap & Swim WOD Details

1 hang power clean
1 power clean
EMOTM for 10 minutes.

The Big Turkey crew – Walker, Dizon, Ryan, Amy, Kim, Jasmine, Luke, Stefanie, Tracy, Cassie.

Oly Meet Recap & Swim WOD Details

The Big Turkey Weightlifting Meet

Last week we concluded the third and final Oly Club cycle of the year with the Big Turkey weightlifting meet. Thanks to all athletes who helped, lifted or cheered!

-Kim Urness made her debut on the platform with solid numbers and serious potential

-Luke Ursell lifted very well in his first contest as well. I expect great things from him in the future as he is a natural!

-Jasmine Yap had a big day setting a new contest PR in the clean and jerk with a nice 125lbs. Good job Jazzy!

-Dizon made a strong showing with a respectable 165 snatch and 215 lb. clean and jerk.

-Tracy Emmanuel made her return to the platform with solid 90/110lb. lifts. She also cleaned 117.5lbs. and almost made the jerk. Way to go T!

-Walker Savadge showed up on time and lifted strong with 185/225lbs. Great job Walker!

-Cassie Finer made a beautiful, easy 100lbs in the snatch!

-Amy Fallon battled for a powerful 115lb clean and jerk and competed like a champion!

-Stefanie Christensen made a beautiful 95lb snatch and 125lb clean and jerk and looked very strong in the process!

A big shout out to volunteers Peter Sjostrand, Tiffany Ong and Molly Molter for doing a great job of loading barbells. No misloads for the whole meet!

Thank you, to my wife Lindsay. She is the spreadsheet master and did an amazing job running the table and the board.

Finally, it was the debut of the Roots oly meet scoring using the Sinclair total rather than using total lifted divided by body weight. This formula is what the International Weightlifting Federation uses and is what we will use moving forward.

Up next: Oly Club is off for December. We will ring in the new year with oly foundations starting the second week of January, and Oly Club soon after so stay tuned! Please email any questions/comments to [email protected]

Swim WOD
CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity.  This weekend we explore constant variance with a swim WOD at CU’s Clare Pool.  Join us at 8 or 9 am for an hour workout complete with instruction by the one and only Eney Jones.  Not sure who Eney is?  Check the post tomorrow to learn about this stellar coach.  Sign-up on MBO under Saturday!  See you at the pool!

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