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Olympic Weightlifting Foundations Starts Next Week


Olympic Weightlifting Foundations Starts Next Week

Three rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound barbell Thrusters
45 pound weighted Pull-ups

Olympic Weightlifting Foundations Starts Next Week

Want to lift like the folks in this video!?  Get in for some Oly madness starting next week!
Similar to the CrossFit Foundations Course, the purpose of the seminar is to introduce athletes to the form and technique of the Olympic lifts and get them to the point where they can assimilate into the group training environment specific to the Olympic classes.

The Oly lifts develop speed, power, flexibility, coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance.  They are the queens of developing strength in the hips and the transference of strength and power to other sports and activities should make any athlete toss and turn with excitement the night before an Oly WOD.  When performed correctly, the lifts are grace and athleticism in perfect balance.  When performed incorrectly, these technical movements can bring about fierce frustration.  Come learn the ins and outs of these lifts with our very own Ryan Landis.

Olympic Weightlifting Foundations Course 2
Start date: December 6th
Meeting days and times: Tuesday and Thursdays at 5:00PM for two weeks
Cost: $100

ALSO, here’s the Oly schedule at the new space:
Monday – 6:00PM
Wednesday – 11:30 PM & 5:00PM
The evening Oly options will happen simultaneously with a group WOD.


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  1. Anonymous

    This workout was super fun. first xfit workout for me with unassisted pull-ups.

    In other news, thrusters are hard 🙂