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3 rounds for time of:
250-meter row
21 hip extensions
21 AbMat sit-ups
400-meter run

January 2016

5:30am getting it done.

Cooking is not a skill you can go without if you intend to live a true Paleo lifestyle.  And even after you dial that in, you get to wash dishes!  The best thing about this new book by Jenny Castaneda, One-Pot Paleo,  is that not only does it make the cooking part easier, but the clean-up is less too.  She had me at the title on this one.
We’ve made the best breakfast casserole that I’ve ever had from a recipe in this book.  Last night was sweet and sour pork.  The title holds up; there is only 1 pot to clean at the end and the recipes are simple and delicious.  Enjoy!