What does James wearing a crop top and standing like a Roots Mannequin have to do with email? Nothing! But now that we have your attention – please read this!

Hey Roots Crew! We want to communicate with YOU!

Did you know that we use our email list to send out the monthly Newsletter, send Evites for large member-only gym events, and to send out reminders for various events and opportunities?

Here’s the thing – we can’t email you unless you’ve opted-in (it’s a legal thing).

Below you’ll find a quick set of instructions to opt in for emails. You can also stop by the front desk and ask us to opt you in from the front desk.

Please note, beginning in October, we will start sending the newsletter through MBO, so please make sure you’re opted in!

How to Opt In (or Make Sure You’re Opted In)

Hop into your client account and make sure you have checked News and Promos! News and Promos is what allows us to send you the newsletter and to invite you to parties! See below for 5 quick steps to make it happen.