Three rounds for time of:
15 foot rope climb, 5 ascents
21 Ring dips
50 Squats

The Paleo Showdown is coming to Roots next week. This week we’ll take the opportunity to highlight some great resources to help you start thinking about food.  Where does the food we eat come from?



Check it out! A great way to start thinking about the food we eat.


Paleo Showdown Prep Sessions

Want to learn more about the Paleo way of eating?  Interested in participating in the challenge?  You should be!  Attend one of the Paleo Showdown prep sessions. This information-packed, question-answering, meal prepping made easy session will get you dialed-in and on your way to Paleo success.  We’ll also detail the structure, rules, and prizes.

Prep session times:
Wednesday, January 13th at 7:00PM
Friday, January 15th at 5:30PM

No sign-up necessary, just get in for one of the two sessions!